Sunday, November 9, 2008

November 9 Trivial Pursuit

Trivial Pursuit- Equestrian Version- with extra sass.
Because I love horsies.

1. "Snaffle," "curb" and "pelham" are terms for several kinds of what?

2. Why do people lead and/or mount a horse from the left hand side?

3. When a male horse and a jenny (female donkey) mate, what is the name of their offspring?

4. According to legend, there is only one way a unicorn can be caught. What is this method?

5. In 1975 Michael Murphy sang a song about a girl and a horse. What was the name of the song?

How many hours did I spend looking at pony-play websites after writing question 1?


1. Answer: Riding bits (the part of the bridle that goes into the horse's mouth). Or the part of the bridle that goes into your "pony's" mouth for those of you into pony-play. Dirty monkies.

2. Answer: Knights wore their swords on the left to make it easily accessible with the right hand. You try swinging your leg and huge heavy sword up and over a horse at the same time. That searing pain? Yeah, that's you throwing out your back, genius.

3. Answer: A hinny. Not a mule, dumbass.

4. Answer: Send a virgin into the woods and the unicorn will lay his head in her lap. Seriously. If you knew any virgins, you'd know this.

5. Answer: Wildfire

6. Answer: I will only admit to the first hour.

So you just got a job writing for Trivial Pursuit. They are branching out from their general trivia games and creating more niche brands. Create a niche and create a six-question card for your game. Your niche should be a little odd-so no movies, music, etc.

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Art Thief said...

I had a girlfriend once that told me she used to ride her toy rocking horse and sing "Wildfire" to herself until she cried. When she was a kid. Not now. That would really be wierd.