Monday, November 10, 2008

November 10 Color

The roly-poly bug was still in a little roly-poly sphere in the palm of her hand. She cupped her hand and rolled the bug around like a little grey pearl, trying to get it to open up. But the roly-poly bug remained in its tight little ball, its little plates of amour concealing the rest of it completely.

Ava held her one hand stiff and used her other hand to hunt for a long blade of grass. She would try to coax the roly-poly from its increasingly uninteresting pose with food- or what she figured was food. It wasn't a carnivore, or else she couldn't hold it, she reasoned. So it must be an herbivore. And herbivores eat grass.

As her attention was focused on foraging, the little pearl opened slowly revealing several pairs of golden-grey legs and a set of black antennae. Its carbon colored plates retracted smoothly, gliding over each other like a gunmetal flower blooming to welcome the sun.

The tickling of tiny legs pulled Ava's attention back to her cupped hand. The roly-poly had made its way to the base of her thumb and turned towards her wrist. She dared not breathe for fear of scaring it back into its defensive position. Ava watched it steadily find its way along the inside of her arm. As the roly-poly reached to crook of her elbow, she gently picked it off her arm and placed it on the bricks beside her and dug her toes into the summer grass.

Assignment Notes
Color is a powerful tool that can brighten up a room as well as give life to a piece of writing. Pick an unusual color from your Crayola box and bring it to life.

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