Monday, November 3, 2008

November 2 Haiku

Werewolves of London

They ain't got nothing on him

Proud swagger, bright teeth.

Velvet coat invites

But soft touch belies his bite

His forced destiny.

Full moon approaches

Soon he will not know your voice

Will you run or stay?


I hear scuffling

I check the rear view mirror.

Something is not right.

He’s just standing there

Sharp teeth. Sharper silver knife.

A little man. Gnome? Dwarf?

The knife blade goes up.

Sinking into my shoulder.

Cackling laughter.

Is this happening?

He’s stabbing stabbing stabbing.

Its all gone hazy.

Assignment Notes:
Write a haiku or 10 about your favorite monsters.

CG note: Yeah, I know the Haiku is supposed to be its own little poem, but it was fun to string a few together. Get over it.

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