Thursday, November 13, 2008

November 13 Process- Avoiding Work

How to Avoid Work After Work

6:15 pm: Arrive home from work. Set laptop bag on chair.

6:16 pm: Put dog on leash, walk to mailbox. Grab contents from mailbox and return to house.

6:19 pm: Brace yourself when dog spots a squirrel and takes running leap towards it.

6:20 pm: Pick up mail you dropped when dog attempted to consume squirrel.

6:21 pm: Recycle all contents from mailbox except the PHE catalog and Williams Sonoma catalog.

6:30 pm: Glance over at laptop back. Think to self, "I'll get to it at 7:00."

6:35 pm: Pour glass of wine, turn on oven, turn on TV.

6:36 pm: Note that the DVR has recent South Park, Rock of Love Charm School AND Daily Show.

7:15 pm: Remember to put chicken in the oven. Remind self to start work after dinner.

7:35 pm: Remove chicken and fix avocado/tomato salad and slice bread with olive oil. Refill wine glass.

8:45 pm: Tell self that you will start work at 9pm.

8:56 pm: Log on to Blogspot and see if you can write anything for 30 days of write.

9:15 pm: Decide you can't come up with anything good so you visit random websites that you really could view at anytime.

10:30 pm: Tell self that you will start work after the Colbert Report. Refill wine glass.

11:02 pm: Begin to wonder if there is anything that *really* needs to be done before 9am the next morning.

11:05 pm: convince yourself that you will get up early and do the work before heading into the office the next morning.

11:06 pm: Resume the "visit Blogspot, see if you can come up with anything good, visit random websites" cycle for the next two hours.

Assignment Notes: From cooking breakfast to creating a blog, most of the things we do in our day-to-day lives involve a process. In a process analysis essay, you write to explain how to do something or how something works. Pick anything that you do in your daily life and write an interesting process analysis of it.
Good Process Analysis:
• Either helps readers perform the steps themselves or helps them understand how something works
• Presents the essential steps in a process
• Explains steps in detail
• Presents steps in logical order (usually time order - chronological)

CG Notes: I'm cheating- its really 11/23, but I'm determined to make up for lost posts. I write processes all day at work, so this is kind of a process-protest, if you will.

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