Monday, January 5, 2009

1/5 Dear Old Love

At least when I lied, it was to protect your feelings. So yeah, you have the worst tasting cum ever.

Assignment Notes: This blog called "Dear Old Love" is a really fun way to waste a few hours. Similar to postsecret- people mail in their notes anonymously to their exes. The blog owner comes up with the title.Some are sweet, some are sad and some are..vengeful.enjoy!
Book Him
via Dear Old Love on 1/4/09
I finally finished my novel. It’s nothing like the early drafts you read. The character based on you kills himself because he’s a jackass and everybody hates him. Especially me.

Now that is a dish best served cold. Write a note to an ex. And don't be shy.

CG Notes: Okay okay- I was going to let this one stand on its own but just to make sure no one gets there feelings hurt, this was based more on a conversation than actual experience. I'm not exactly a sperm sommelier, but different factors contribute to a person's individual.. uh flavor.


s i n c l a i r said...

My friend has a vegan boyfriend and she says his tastes like... nothing. Know any good looking vegans?

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