Wednesday, January 28, 2009

1/28 Billions!

So I hit the uberjackpot. I have $819 billion dollars.

1. Pay off my parents' house.- give them a few million to do with as they wish.
2. Buy a house for my sister- finance her film projects- help her start a production company(?)
3. Buy a house for me in Austin, Sea Ranch and Switzerland.- invest $100 million of it.
4. Set up a charitable giving foundation for the rest
5. Purchase land for an animal sanctuary in a fairly remote but temperate location.- Start building barns and structures for horses, mules, donkeys and dogs. And another house(s) for the humans who will staff the place.
6. Donate ~$50,000 to 100 public schools via a grant program
7. Hire a personal trainer- train for an Ironman
8. Make significant contributions to:
- Alzheimer's Research
- Breast Cancer Research
- Local animal rescue organizations
- Planned Parenthood
- help women in 3rd world countries get business loans
9. travel travel travel
- Costa Rica, Canada, Spain, England, Ireland, Australia, Germany, everywhere else.
10. Get a Creative Writing Degree.
11. Who knows.. I think at this point I haven't even hit $500 million yet...

Assignment Notes: You just got a $819 billion dollar bonus, because you are so awesome. Consider it your very own economic stimulus package. Go ape shit. What are you going to do with it?

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LWM said...

I can take a billion off your hands.