Wednesday, January 2, 2013

1/2 Little Olive June

Little Olive June rode a seahorse to the moon
On the windiest morning in May.
She took some marmalade and a parasol for shade
And soared like a kite into the fray.

Little Olive June found herself marooned
On a tiny comet high above the planet.
The seahorse began to falter when he needed a drink of water
So they rested on a rock made from granite.

Little Olive June took a gold and black teaspoon
And dipped it in the comet's shimmering pool.
She slurped a tiny sip then put her left hand on her hip
When she noticed the seahorse beginning to drool.

Little Olive June, like a barkeep in a saloon
Gave the seahorse his own little bowl.
He gulped and he drank as he filled up his tank
And was ready to continue their stroll.

Little Olive June whistled a cheerful tune
As she watched the sun set from space.
She hugged the seahorse's neck and gave him a peck
As the moon began to give chase.

Assignment: Write about a character (male or female) who ends up living in an unusual place, including the circumstances that led them there.

"Olive June" also happens to be the name of my 18 month old niece.

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